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My first involvement with athletics was with my eldest son when he joined St Clair little A's. 2 years later my youngest son joined.
My eldest son started work and gave athletics away, my youngest son Kyle stayed with athletics and moved into a specialty event...Race Walking! in which he still continues to compete at National level and hopefully international level..

My personal involvement started with a conversation I had with my son Kyle and said, I'll become a walk judge to highest level and your challenge is to make the Olympics...I think he will win! In 2001Kyle joined Nepean Little A's under coach Kevin Stone who also helped Kyle's transition into Nepean Seniors, this where I started to volunteer on a Wednesday night with walk judging and then helping in all events.

In 2004 I joined the committee as the Equipment Officer, 3 years later I became the Vice President and then in 2009 I became the President of Nepean Athletic Club, in which I still hold this position.

Phil Malone




I first started at Nepean LA’s when my children were little, after the first couple of years I took on the roll as U/5 team managers, then took on the job of U/13’s manager when that age group was first introduced, continuing with those boys until they completed LA’s in the U/15’s.
After my children joined the Senior club in 1985, I read an article in the local newspaper looking for ideas to raise money, I made a call & suggested they have a lamington drive, the answer was great idea could you organize it?

Around 1990 the secretary resigned as no one else was prepared to take the position, I agreed to until someone else was found. This position I still hold at this time.

I Have also received a Volunteers Award from Penrith City Council in 2008...and you might ask why do you still do this? well,  to see the look on the faces of both the younger & older athlete’s when they achieve a personal best, selected in Club teams, State, or internationally can’t be beaten!

Evelyn Stark




Over the past 55yrs I have volunteered in numerous sporting arena’s, including athletics, coach, official & administration.
I am life member of Nepean Athletic Club, Blair Zone & NSW Walkers Club; I was a volunteer at Sydney 2000 Olympics, Sydney Paralympics’ Games & several other competitions.
Serving as a Technical official from 1988 – 2012 at numerous International, National, State and local athletic championships.

I have received awards including Blacktown City Council Sports Administrator of the year, Queens Birthday Order of Australia Award & Australian Track & Field coach level 3.

Currently I'm the Treasurer for Nepean and Blair Zone co coordinator.

I became involved in athletics when my children started at Doonside LA’s & then Nepean Seniors, now my grand children compete at Manly La’s. I also competed in the masters at Nepean.

Ron Keys OAM




Point Scorer/Records

I became involved in athletics when my children joined Warradale LA’s. One was interested in race walking, Mr. Kevin Stone, a walk coach with Nepean encouraged her to join the senior club. After a while I decided I might as well get fit so started walking and was encourage to race walk.

I have represented at Club, State National, international level & still compete, but mostly in the field events. I now coach walking & middle-distance running at Nepean & Warradale. I am now a qualified official.
My athletes have represented at local, state, National & International level with some great results.
I’m also an Life member of this great Club!

I am currently Nepeans, Point scorer, Records & Asst. secretary & up to last season my daughters were still competing & now my granddaughter has joined in.

Annette Tillman




I first became involved when my daughter started athletics. I now hold a walks judge certificate and have been on The Nepean Athletics Club Committee for several years, I first become a Uniform officer & now hold the  Championships Officer position.

Rebecca Beasley




I hold the position of publicity officer, this time a position I have held for the past 5 years, and have the role to promote the club to the community through seeking new members to join & sharing with the local community the results of our athletes at State and National Championships.

I originally started at Nepean LA’s at the age 8 and continued on to the Senior Club, and now represent at Masters Level, competing at local, State, National and International level.
Several years ago I qualified as a Sprint coach and my squad trains at Blair Oval 2 days a week.

I have been involved in Athletics for over 25 years and in May 2012 became a life member of Nepean District Athletics Club.

Belinda Westcott


2015 Committee members

President - Phil Malone
Vice President - Phil Stark
Secretary/registrar - Evelyn Stark
Treasurer - Ron Keys
Assistant Secretary - Annette Tillman
Point Scorer - Annette Tillman
Records - Annette Tillman
Championships - Rebecca Beasley
Publicity - Belinda Westcott
Uniforms - Evelyn Stark
Equipment - VACANT
Cross Country - Robert Osborne
First Aid - Annette Tillman
Fundraising - Evelyn Stark/committee
IT Coordinator - Justin Keane
Athletes Delegate - John Keane
Blair Zone Results Coordinator - Estelle Donaldson & Michael Chapman

Have you ever thought about where and how Nepean Athletic Club started? You have to read more about our hidden past, it's an amazing story how we have grown to what we are it today!

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